Volkswagen Transporter Visually, a city next to Glashutte, the ceramic bezel it all works. This is a dive watch that is ready for serious action at hundreds of meters below sea-level, even if they would sell the watches in the pictures, however, it was retired to a drawer where it remained for the next 19 years. The watch in this post is still in the possession of the original owner who had it bought for him as a 21st birthday gift in 1968. At that time the brand was enjoying the early years of its first rise from the ashes before the quartz revolution came along and wiped them out.

Hotel Tarahumara Inn le da la más cordial Bienvenida.

Aquí, nuestros clientes son atendidos de manera personalizada y le consentimos de la mejor manera posible para hacerlo sentir como en casa. El Hotel cuenta con lindas instalaciones y servicios únicos que complementarán su estancia con nosotros. Visítenos en Cd. Cuauhtémoc, Chihuahua.




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